Patient Opinions on Vaccines and Maternal Vaccination Status
ACOG ePoster, Brady Gelvin, 212111
The Relationship Between Treatments and Recurrence in Borderline Ovarian Tumors
ACOG ePoster, Tong Lou, 212128
Increased Likelihood of Pregnancy from Sex on the Two Days Before Ovulation
ACOG ePoster, Sarah Johnson, 212145
Maternal Risk Factors in a Cohort Study of Mexican Americans Living near the U.s.-mexico Border
ACOG ePoster, Divya Patel, 174400
Measuring Variation in Design Among American Childbirth Facilities
ACOG ePoster, Ani Bilazarian, 174419
Meconium Stained Amniotic Fluid: 10 Years After
ACOG ePoster, Matthew Tilstra, 174437
Decision Analysis Studies Involving the Management of Pregnant Women: A Systematic Review
ACOG ePoster, Rohan D'Souza, 174455
Mitochondrial Myopathy, Encephalomyopathy, Lactic Acidosis, Stroke-like Episodes Syndrome: Pregnancy Outcomes
ACOG ePoster, Julia Kfouri, 174473
Mobile Phone-based Perinatal Depression Screening: Feasibility and Acceptance
ACOG ePoster, Richard Silver, 174491
Modified B-lynch Suture Technique for Prevention of Postpartum Hemorrhage
ACOG ePoster, Evelyn Hall, 174509
Marijuana Use in Pregnancy and Its Effects on Birth Weight and Gestational Age at Delivery
ACOG ePoster, Douglas Howard, 174527
Neonatal Hypoglycemia in Women Controlled Intrapartum with Insulin Pump as Compared to Subcutaneous Insulin & Drip
ACOG ePoster, Shelly Soni, 174545
Neonatal Outcomes by Attempted Mode of Delivery and Obstetric Intervention for Pregnancies Affected by Spina Bifida
ACOG ePoster, Michail Spiliopoulos, 174563
Male Fetal Sex: A Risk Factor for Gestational Diabetes Mellitus in Chinese Ethnicity
ACOG ePoster, Mark Rebolos, 174581
Neonatal Outcomes of Infants at the Threshold of Viability in a Tertiary Care Center
ACOG ePoster, Tiffany Tonismae, 174599
Neutophil to Lymphocyte Ratio: A Marker for Preterm Labor?
ACOG ePoster, Melissa Chu Lam, 174617
Non-invasive Hemoglobin Monitoring: A Method of Measuring Blood Loss in Cesarean Delivery?
ACOG ePoster, Amy Dermaco, 174635
Nulliparous, Term, Singleton, Vertex (NTSV): Can We Predict Cesarean Delivery?
ACOG ePoster, Shania Seibles, 174653
Obesity and Cell Free DNA Testing
ACOG ePoster, Katy Dean, 174671
Obesity Effect on Induction of Labor Duration
ACOG ePoster, Garrett Fitzgerald, 174689
Obstetric Delivery Practices and Malpractice Claims: Is There a Correlation?
ACOG ePoster, Angela Baja, 174707
Outcome Comparison Between Obese and Non-obese Patients with Singleton Gestations Following Cerclage Placement
ACOG ePoster, Phillip Rodriguez, 174725
Outcomes in Oligohydramnios: The Role of Etiology in Predicting Pulmonary Morbidity/mortality
ACOG ePoster, Ashley Hesson, 174743
Outcomes in Women with Chronic Hypertension but Normal Blood Pressures in Pregnancy
ACOG ePoster, Mallory Youngstrom, 174761
Mapping Collaboration Across Birth Settings in the United States: Access, Equity, and Outcomes
ACOG ePoster, Saraswathi Vedam, 174779
Outcomes of Twin Pregnancies in Women Age 45 or Older
ACOG ePoster, Jessica Fields, 174797
Over a Half Million Noninvasive Prenatal Tests: A Clinical Laboratory Experience
ACOG ePoster, Adity Khanna, 174815
Parent Concordance and Fathers’ Persistence Through Pregnancy in a Prenatal Program Sample
ACOG ePoster, Nuriya Robinson, 174833
Effect of Introduction of a Lactation Counselor on Breastfeeding Uptake and Satisfaction in an Urban Prenatal Clinic
ACOG ePoster, Noelle Martinez, 174851
Patient Attitudes Toward Exercise During Pregnancy
ACOG ePoster, Melisa Lott, 174869
Early Onset Severe Iugr: waiting to Deliver Does Not Appear to Improve Outcome and May Be Harmful
ACOG ePoster, Matthew Fore, 174887
Patient Quality Scoring and Its Utility as a Predictor of Pregnancy Outcomes Amongst Gestational Diabetic Patients
ACOG ePoster, Rukeme Ake-Uzoigwe, 174905
Patient Reported Experiences Associated with Mode of Delivery
ACOG ePoster, E. Christine Brousseau, 174922
Pattern and Outcome of Obstetric Admissions into the Intensive Care Unit of a South-east Nigerian Hospital
ACOG ePoster, Benjamin Ozumba, 174937
Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome Among Infants Born to Mothers with Sickle Cell Hemoglobinopathies
ACOG ePoster, Jewel Brown, 174964
Maternal and Neonatal Morbidity Among Women with Sickle Cell Anemia and Sickle Cell Trait
ACOG ePoster, Jewel Brown, 174983
Maternal and Neonatal Outcomes by Mode of Delivery in Obese Women with a Previous Cesarean Section
ACOG ePoster, Elizabeth Coviello, 175001
Maternal and neonatal outcomes in multiple gestations with elevated antenatal Edinburgh Depression Scale (EDS)
ACOG ePoster, Alyssa Hamlin, 175019
Fetal Maternal Size Disproportion: Explanation for the Racial Disparity of Oasis?
ACOG ePoster, Youngwu Kim, 175036
Fetal Doppler Evaluation and Perinatal Outcomes in the Absence of Fetal Growth Restriction
ACOG ePoster, Niamh Condon, 175055
Maternal Outcomes of Prolonged Induction of Labor
ACOG ePoster, Jourdan Triebwasser, 175073
Reliability of Visual Estimation of Intrapartum Blood Loss
ACOG ePoster, Rebecca Eckler, 174399
The Risk of Preterm Birth in Pregnancies with Fetal Anomalies
ACOG ePoster, Victoria Berger, 174418
The Rate of Elevated Antenatal Edinburgh Depression Score in Pregnancies Complicated by Gestational Diabetes
ACOG ePoster, Tiffany Herrero, 174436
The Rate of Cesarean Section Stratified by Maternal Age, Parity and Previous History of Cesarean Section
ACOG ePoster, Marissa Luck, 174454
The Impact of Pregnancy on the Work-up of Chest Pain and Shortness of Breath in the Emergency Department
ACOG ePoster, Stephen Wagner, 174472
The Impact of Guidelines for the Collaboration Between Obstetricians & Midwives on Provider Satisfaction
ACOG ePoster, Amr Madkour, 174490
The Impact of Florida's Prescription Drug Monitoring Program on Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome
ACOG ePoster, Dikea Roussos-Ross, 174508
The Global Burden of Obesity on Pregnancy Outcomes in the Developed World
ACOG ePoster, Trevor Quiner, 174526
The Giving Voice to Mothers Study: Measuring Respectful Maternity Care in the United States
ACOG ePoster, Saraswathi Vedam, 174544
The Feasibility of a Patient-centered Medical Home to Treat Pregnant Women with Opioid Use Disorder: A Pilot Study
ACOG ePoster, Neggin Mokhtari, 174562
Inpatient Prenatal Yoga for Hospitalized High-risk Antepartum Patients: A Feasibility Study
ACOG ePoster, Veronica Demtchouk, 174580
A reminder system for postpartum DM screening in GDM patients: a randomized controlled trial (RCT)
ACOG ePoster, Jayasree Iyer, 174598
The Effects of Tocolysis on Neonatal Septic Death in Women with Pprom: A Retrospective Cohort Study
ACOG ePoster, Ariel Chackowicz, 174616
The Effects of Continuous Local Anesthetic After Cesarean Delivery on Pain and Narcotic Use
ACOG ePoster, Kiera Urschel, 174634
Reduction of Nulliparous Term Singleton Vertex Cesarean Deliveries with Feedback and Monitoring
ACOG ePoster, Reesa Child, 174652
A Targeted Postpartum CBC Protocol for Uncomplicated Vaginal Deliveries
ACOG ePoster, Matthew Waitner, 174670
A Widening Gap: The Obstetric Response to the Opioid Epidemic
ACOG ePoster, Edward MIller, 174688
The Effect of Body Mass Index on Glyburide Therapy in Pregnancy
ACOG ePoster, Adetola Louis-Jacques, 174706
The Effect of Betamethasone on Middle Cerebral Artery Doppler Flow in Fetuses with Elevated Peak Systolic Velocities
ACOG ePoster, Sarah Hoopes, 174724
The Cost-effectiveness of Tenofovir Prophylaxis to Prevent Mother-to-child Transmission of Hepatitis B Infection
ACOG ePoster, James Sargent, 174742
The Cost-effectiveness of a Trial of Labor After Two Prior Cesareans: Impact on the Subsequent Pregnancy
ACOG ePoster, James Sargent, 174760
Pprom Following Open Fetal Myelomeningocele Repair
ACOG ePoster, Heather Said, 174778
Accuracy of a Limited vs Expanded Cfdna Platform for the Detection of Fetal Aneuploidy in a High Risk Population
ACOG ePoster, Thomas Westover, 174796
The Collaborative Laborist and Midwife Model at Sanford Health: an Accepted and Sustainable Model
ACOG ePoster, Laurie Landeen, 174814
The Clinical Characteristics and Prognosis of Cerebral Venous Thrombosis During Pregnancy and Puerperium in China
ACOG ePoster, Zhu-Wei Liang, 174832
The 'double Pain' of Childbirth: Immigrant Women’s Preference for Female Providers Intrapartum
ACOG ePoster, Christa Aubrey, 174850
Adherence to Rh Immune Globulin Prophylaxis Guidelines: An Audit of a Modern Obstetric Cohort
ACOG ePoster, Ashley Peterson, 174868
Advanced Maternal Age and Incidence of Non-chromosomal Congenital Anomalies: A Population-based Study
ACOG ePoster, Matt Grossi, 174886
The Shrek© Test: A Proxy for the Smurf© Test?
ACOG ePoster, Jason Conger, 174904
Prevalence of Zika Virus Cases in the State of Texas
ACOG ePoster, Adriana Sullivan, 174921
An Unusual Case of Venous Lymphatic Malformation and Hypoplastic Left Heart Diagnosed on Virtual Autopsy
ACOG ePoster, Jessica Jackson, 174936
When Is Illicit Drug Screening Indicated in Pregnant Women on Labor and Delivery in Colorado?
ACOG ePoster, Shannon Son, 174963
Utility of Intrapartum Fetal Heart Rate Monitoring in a Contemporary Labor and Delivery Unit
ACOG ePoster, Rachel Taylor, 174982
Uterine Transplant: Views Among Medical Professionals
ACOG ePoster, Noor Joudi, 175000
The Use of omega-3 Fatty Acids to Improve Insulin Sensitivity in Pregnancy: A Pilot Study of Safety and Tolerability
ACOG ePoster, Kristi VanWinden, 175018
The Use of Long-term Indomethacin Stabilizes Cervical Length in Twin Pregnancies
ACOG ePoster, Allison Shannon, 175035
Recurrent Preterm Delivery in Women Receiving 17-P is Not Influenced by Prior Spontaneous Preterm Delivery Etiology
ACOG ePoster, John Barton, 175054
The Use of Haemoglobin and Haematocrit Values to Estimate Intrapartum Blood Loss: A Systematic Review
ACOG ePoster, Rohan D'Souza, 175072
Postoperative Care After Gender Reassignment Surgery for Trans Women
ACOG ePoster, Rixt Luikenaar, 175103
Advanced Ultrasound Technology and Its Application to Gynecologic Practice
ACOG ePoster, Carlos Fernandez, 174417
Cervical Index: A Novel Sonographic Parameter to Predict Preterm Labor
ACOG ePoster, Boris Petrikovsky, 174435
Ultrasound Appearance of the Endometrium Post-radiofrequency Endometrial Ablation
ACOG ePoster, Roper Sara, 174453
Is Midtrimester Cervical Length Predictive of an Induction of Labor with an Unfavorable Cervix?
ACOG ePoster, Soha Patel, 174471
Teleultrasound: A Validation Study
ACOG ePoster, Nader Rabie, 174489
Twin Anemia Polycythemia Sequence: A Complication of Monochorionic Diamniotic Twin Gestation
ACOG ePoster, Amna Zeb, 174507
Is Abdominal Circumference Associated with Poor Outcomes in Fetuses with Estimated Fetal Weights Between 10-20th%?
ACOG ePoster, Marcus Ortega, 174525
Voicing Needs: The Experience of Fertility Care in the United States
ACOG ePoster, Rashmi Kudesia, 174615
Cabergoline Preserves Implantation and Ongoing Pregnancy Rates in High Responders to Gonadotropin
ACOG ePoster, Alexandra Wilson, 174633
Is Progesterone Deficiency Associated with Early Pregnancy Loss? A Study of 718 High-risk and Normal Pregnancies
ACOG ePoster, Valerie Shu Xian Yeap, 174651
New Figo Guidelines on Gestational Diabetes
ACOG ePoster, Krishna Dahiya, 174669
Effect of Assisted Reproductive Technology on the Occurrence of Birth Defects: A Population-based Study
ACOG ePoster, Gil Shechter-Maor, 174687
Effect of Increased Abdominal Circumference on Outcomes in Ultrasounds with Estimated Fetal Weight Greater Than 90%
ACOG ePoster, Erica Nicasio, 174777
Reproductive Uterine Transplantation: Ethical Considerations
ACOG ePoster, Megan Allyse, 174795
Use of Donor Eggs and Gestational Surrogates for Women with Marfan Syndrome: a Cost-effectiveness Analysis
ACOG ePoster, Emily Clennon, 174813
Hysterosalpingogram (HSG) vs Mid-cycle ultrasound (MCUS) in Anatomic Assessment of Infertile Women
ACOG ePoster, Taiwo Durowade, 174831
mef2 Transcription Factors Regulate Human Trophoblast Invasion and Differentiation
ACOG ePoster, Lucy Li, 174849
Fetal Damage in Congenital Zika Virus Infection: Cohort Study
ACOG ePoster, Adriana Suely de Oliveira Melo, 174962
Role of Genetic Sonogram after EIF Detection: a cost-effectiveness analysis
ACOG ePoster, Francis Hacker, 175053
Does the Fetus with Klinefelter Syndrome Have a Disproportionately Long Femur Length at the Anatomy Ultrasound?
ACOG ePoster, Reshama Navathe, 175071

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