Does Polyhydramnios Predict Adverse Perinatal Outcome in Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia?
ACOG ePoster, Victoria Berger, 174398
Is Advance Maternal Age an Indication for Fetal Echocardiogram?
ACOG ePoster, Krunal Patel, 174543
Cost-effectiveness of Preimplantation Genetic Screening for Women Older than 37 Years Undergoing IVF
ACOG ePoster, Stephen Collins, 174561
Does Obesity Affect the Assessment of Third Trimester Amniotic Fluid?
ACOG ePoster, Maria Andrikopoulou, 174579
Should we offer PGS to poor prognosis patients undergoing IVF?
ACOG ePoster, Pinar Tulay, 174597
Does Laterality of the Dominant Follicle Matter Under Ovulation Induction?
ACOG ePoster, Adrienne Gentry, 174705
Rural, Resident Fertility Clinic Patients Have Little Insight into Their BMI or Implications of Obesity on Fertility
ACOG ePoster, Nicole Ulrich, 174723
Does Oral Contraceptive Use Lessen the Impact of Concussions in Adult Female Athletes?
ACOG ePoster, Kathleen Chace, 174741
Evidence of the Need for Communication Among Obgyns and Gamete Providers for Management of Offspring's Health
ACOG ePoster, Pamela Callum, 174759
Management of Ectopic Ovary in the Setting of Mullerian Agenesis
ACOG ePoster, Jessica Kanter, 174885
Reproductive Options for Transgender Patients
ACOG ePoster, Rixt Luikenaar, 174903
Hysterectomy as Gender-Affirmation Surgery in Female-to-Male Transgender Persons
ACOG ePoster, Neeta Makhija, 174920
Sonographic Findings in Congenital Zika Virus Infection: Cohort Study
ACOG ePoster, Adriana Suely de Oliveira Melo, 174981
Does a Large Fetal Abdominal Circumference in Women Without Diabetes Predict Adverse Outcomes?
ACOG ePoster, Victoria Greenberg, 174999
Effects of Ambient Light on the Biophysical Profile
ACOG ePoster, Heather Said, 175017
Is the New Terminology of 'Triple I' For Chorioamnionitis Really Different?
ACOG ePoster, Nayo Williams, 174397
Is 'Baby-Friendly' Actually 'Mommy-Friendly?' The Baby-Friendly Initiative and Effect on Patient Satisfaction
ACOG ePoster, Jessica Ebinger, 174416
Is Use of Misoprostol Associated with Failed Induction in Pregnancies with Suspected Placental Insufficiency?
ACOG ePoster, Robert Rossi, 174434
A Case Report of Bilateral Subconjunctival Hemorrhages with Orbital Hematoma Following Delivery
ACOG ePoster, McKayla Riggs, 174452
Availability of Zika Virus Testing Information on Local Health Department Websites in the State of Texas
ACOG ePoster, Adebayo Adesomo, 174470
Interpregnancy Interval in Placenta Previa with Morbidly Adherent Placenta
ACOG ePoster, Amir A. Shamshirsaz, 174488
Interconception Health Behaviors Among Women with a Prior Preterm Birth
ACOG ePoster, Priya Batra, 174506
Instrumental Vaginal Delivery in Abakaliki, South-East Nigeria.
ACOG ePoster, Benjamin Ozumba, 174524
Length of Stay and Balloon Catheters for Cervical Ripening in the Outpatient Setting in Moderate Risk Populations
ACOG ePoster, Kendra Gray, 174542
Application of 'capacity cascade' as Novel Approach to Emergency Obstetric Care Readiness assessment in Guatemala
ACOG ePoster, Martha Tesfalul, 174560
Determining the Impact of External Stressors on Laparoscopic Skills Among Obstetrics and Gynecology Residents
ACOG ePoster, Paul Tyan, 174578
Availability of Zika Virus Information on County and Regional Health Department Websites in the State of Texas
ACOG ePoster, Adriana Sullivan, 174596
Availability of Provider Information About Zika Virus and Perinatal Risks on State Health Department Websites
ACOG ePoster, Jordan Gray, 174614
Compliance with Contemporary Guidelines for the Diagnosis of Labor Dystocia by Stage of Labor
ACOG ePoster, Kiran Clair, 174632
Compliance with Contemporary Criteria for the Diagnosis of Labor Dystocia by Time of Day
ACOG ePoster, Kiran Clair, 174650
Comparison of Risk Factors and Neonatal Outcomes Among Women with a Spontaneous versus Iatrogenic Preterm Birth
ACOG ePoster, Rupsa Boelig, 174668
Body Mass Index and Adverse Neonatal Outcomes in Women Undergoing Elective Caesarian: A Nationwide Cohort Study
ACOG ePoster, Sophie Vincent, 174686
Comparison of Analgesic Efficacy of Paracetamol and Tramadol for Pain Relief in Active Labor
ACOG ePoster, Krishna Dahiya, 174704
A Systematic Review and Statistical Analysis of Prenatal Non-invasive Diagnosis of Sickle Cell Disease
ACOG ePoster, Yusuf Beebeejaun, 174722
Timing and Indications for Delivery at Less Than 39 Weeks in Neonates with Complex Congenital Heart Disease
ACOG ePoster, Wubishet Belay, 174740
To Ligate or Not to Ligate: Comparing Outcomes in Cesarean Hysterectomy with or Without Hypogastric Artery Ligation
ACOG ePoster, Deddeh Ballah, 174758
Readability Assessment of Online Obstetrics and Gynecology Patient-oriented Literature
ACOG ePoster, Elliott Richards, 174776
Tocometry Rule-In After Maternal Accident (TRAuMA): Does it affect neonatal outcomes?
ACOG ePoster, Kristin Rojas, 174794
Transatlantic Air Travel in the Third Trimester of Pregnancy: does It Affect the Fetus?
ACOG ePoster, Boris Petrikovsky, 174812
Transcervical Foley Bulb (TFB) and Risk of Subsequent Preterm Delivery
ACOG ePoster, Kristen Fiest, 174830
Drugs and Death in Las Vegas: a Novel Use of Coroner Data to Create a Toxicology Surveillance System in Pregnant Women
ACOG ePoster, Arnold Mahesan, 174848
Emergency Cesarean Section – Benefit or Extra Maternal Harm?
ACOG ePoster, Alexis Tuck, 174866
Efficacy of Suture Material in Prophylactic and Rescue Transvaginal Cervical Cerclages: A Retrospective Analysis
ACOG ePoster, Patrick Daigle, 174884
Institution of a Postpartum Hemorrhage Bundle at an Academic Center Does Not immediately Reduce Maternal Morbidity
ACOG ePoster, Rebecca Hamm, 174902
Effects of Amniotic Fluid Index on Perinatal Outcomes in Preterm Premature Rupture of Membranes
ACOG ePoster, Subhashini Ladella, 174919
Impact of Fentanyl Use on Maintenance Therapy During Pregnancy
ACOG ePoster, Alexandra Belcher-Obejero-Paz, 174926
Impact of Gestational Weight Gain on Trial of Labor After Cesarean Success
ACOG ePoster, Alexandra Havard, 174935
Changing the Timing of the Postpartum Visit: Decreasing Short Interval Pregnancy Rates
ACOG ePoster, Aaron Herrera Gonzalez, 174946
Transgender Health Care: Multi-disciplinary Team Approach Prior to Female to Male Confirmation Surgery
ACOG ePoster, Gloria Bachmann, 174961
How Capable Are Ob/gyn Residents in Counseling Patients at Risk for Periviable Delivery?
ACOG ePoster, John Byrne, 174980
The Role of Residents in the Gynecologic Operating Room – What Do Patients Understand?
ACOG ePoster, Arielle Cantor, 174998
Abnormal Pap Tracking in Resident Clinics – What Is Our Standard and Can We Do Better?
ACOG ePoster, Jill Miller, 175016
The Ob-gyn and Women's Health Selective Pathway for Senior Medical Students
ACOG ePoster, Lony Castro, 175033
Genetic Testing Requests on Gamete Donors After Conception; Pre-test Counseling Considerations for Patients
ACOG ePoster, Pamela Callum, 175052
Gender Disparities in Small Group Verbal Participation Among 1st Year Medical Students
ACOG ePoster, Sylvia Peterson-Perry, 175070
Postnatal Hospital Utilization Among Us Women with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
ACOG ePoster, Monika Mitra, 174396
Cesarean Sections for Abnormal Fetal Heart Tracings: setting Appropriateness Indicators Based on Neonatal Outcome
ACOG ePoster, Stephanie Ahken, 174415
Pre-delivery Hemoglobin Is a Modifiable Prenatal Target in Reducing Postpartum Transfusion
ACOG ePoster, Rebecca Hamm, 174433
Predicting Perinatal Outcomes with an Obstructive Sleep Apnea Screening Tool
ACOG ePoster, Samantha Chaffin, 174451
Predicting Term Induction to Delivery Intervals Utilizing Machine Learning
ACOG ePoster, Corey Clifford, 174469
Predictors of a Positive Illicit Drugs Screens for Pregnant Women in Colorado
ACOG ePoster, Shannon Son, 174487
Predictors of Quality of Care Amongst Gestational Diabetic Patients in Community Hospital
ACOG ePoster, Rukeme Ake-Uzoigwe, 174505
Preferences of Pregnant Women and Family Members for Health States Arising from Anticoagulant Use in Pregnancy
ACOG ePoster, Rohan D'Souza, 174523
Preferences of Pregnant Women for Outcomes Related to Epilepsy and the Use of Antiepileptic Medications in Pregnancy
ACOG ePoster, Rohan D'Souza, 174541
Patterns of Oxytocin Use in Those Undergoing Trial of Labor after Cesarean (TOLAC)
ACOG ePoster, Cynthia Abraham, 174559
Latinas’ Agency and Their Construction of Birthing Knowledge: Implications for Patient Centered Care
ACOG ePoster, Salome Masghati, 174577
Preferences of Pregnant Women with Cardiac Disease for Maternal-fetal Outcomes Related to Their Pregnancies
ACOG ePoster, Rohan D'Souza, 174595
Prospective Validation of Formulae for the Estimation of Intrapartum Blood Loss
ACOG ePoster, Rebecca Eckler, 174613
Prenatal Use of Aspirin and Acetaminophen
ACOG ePoster, Adam Bruce Wing, 174631
The Effect of Timing of Removal of Wound Dressing on Surgical Site Infection Rate After Cesarean Delivery
ACOG ePoster, Mona Nesrallah, 174649
Impact of an Obstetrical Hospitalist Program on the Safety Events in a Midsized Obstetrical Unit
ACOG ePoster, Ashley Morton, 174667
Preferred Patient Language and Obstetrical Outcomes
ACOG ePoster, Raquel Robles, 174685
Pulmonary Function and Body Composition in Pregnant Women: A Transversal Study
ACOG ePoster, Melania Amorim, 174703
Qt Interval in Pregnant Women on Methadone-maintenance Therapy
ACOG ePoster, Veronica Maria Pimentel, 174721
Rate of Spontaneous Version Following Preterm Premature Rupture of Membranes
ACOG ePoster, Dipti Banerjee, 174739
A Comparison of Characteristics and Outcomes in Typical and Atypical Cases of Morbidly Adherent Placentation
ACOG ePoster, Amir A. Shamshirsaz, 174757
Cesarean Scar Pregnancy: A Three-year Experience at Yale-new Haven Hospital
ACOG ePoster, Uma Deshmukh, 174775
Risk Factors Associated with Preterm Delivery After Open Fetal Myelomeningocele Repair
ACOG ePoster, Heather Said, 174793
Impact of Anemia on Preterm Labor in Hypothyroid Patients: A Retrospective Study
ACOG ePoster, Sarah Araji, 174811
Comparative Diagnostic Testing Uptake and Confirmation Rates after High-risk cffDNA for Trisomy 21, 18, and 13
ACOG ePoster, Anju Suhag, 174829
Clinical Relevance of Screening for Rare Autosomal Aneuploidies: A Case of Maternal Uniparental Disomy
ACOG ePoster, Jennifer Helgeson, 174847
Clinical Outcomes of Term Elective Induction of Labor with Unripe Cervix
ACOG ePoster, Lindsey Harward, 174865
Apgar Score and Umbilical Cord Gas as Quality Markers for Identification of Unindicated Cesareans
ACOG ePoster, Torri Metz, 174883
Clinical Characteristics & Patient Preferences Among Women Planning Out-of-hospital Births (oohb)
ACOG ePoster, Yalda Afshar, 174901
Pregnancy Outcome in the Morbidly Obese: Black versus White
ACOG ePoster, Sarah Gennette, 174918
Chronic Disease Prevalence Among Mothers Delivering in the United States, 2004-2013
ACOG ePoster, Lindsay Admon, 174934
Characteristics Associated with Attempted External Cephalic Version– a Descriptive Cohort Study
ACOG ePoster, Meghana Limaye, 174945
Perinatal Morbidity Among Mothers of Medically Fragile Infants
ACOG ePoster, Alison Stuebe, 174960
Perinatal Outcomes in Pregnancies with a Low Fetal Fraction on Non Invasive Prenatal Testing
ACOG ePoster, Marwan Ali, 174979
Peripartum Blood Transfusions in a High Risk Maternity Center
ACOG ePoster, Krunal Patel, 174997
Perinatal Depression and Anxiety — Implementing Screening and Response Protocols
ACOG ePoster, John Keats, 175015
Placenta Accreta: Descriptive Study of Risk Factors and Maternal Outcomes in a Tertiary Hospital in Puerto Rico
ACOG ePoster, Cristina Gonzalez, 175032
Placental Pathology Findings Associated with Adverse Outcomes Among Women with Sickle Cell Hemoglobinopathies
ACOG ePoster, Jewel Brown, 175051
Point-of-care vs Laboratory Based Urine Protein-creatinine Ratio as an Indicator of Proteinuria in Pregnancy
ACOG ePoster, Omar Sinno, 175069
Home Hpv Self-collection in Hiv-infected Women: Assessing Acceptability and Prevalence
ACOG ePoster, Kristen Lee, 174450
Universal Chlamydia Screening for Women with Threatened Preterm Labor: A Cost-effectiveness Analysis
ACOG ePoster, Alexis Gimovsky, 174468
Compliance with Guidelines on Group B Streptococcal Sepsis Prophylaxis During Unscheduled Cesareans
ACOG ePoster, Evan Schwenk, 174630
Umbilical Cord Milking in Term Infants: Blood Volume Associated with Cut and Intact Umbilical Cords
ACOG ePoster, Emily Fay, 174648
Improving Physician Behavior with an Obstetric Dashboard
ACOG ePoster, Katherine Xiong, 174792
A Single Institution Review of Appropriateness of Prophylactic Antibiotics in Hysteroscopy
ACOG ePoster, Erika Wallace, 175068

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