Zika Knowledge Among Pregnant Woman in an Inner-city Urban Hospital
ACOG ePoster, Samhita Bhat, 174395
Factors Associated with Zika Virus Information on County Health Department Websites in the State of Texas
ACOG ePoster, James Cuvillier, 174414
Zika Virus in a Non-endemic Urban Population: Patient Characteristics and Ultrasound Findings
ACOG ePoster, Catherine Eppes, 174432
Home Hpv Self-collection in Hiv-infected Women: Assessing Acceptability and Prevalence
ACOG ePoster, Kristen Lee, 174450
Universal Chlamydia Screening for Women with Threatened Preterm Labor: A Cost-effectiveness Analysis
ACOG ePoster, Alexis Gimovsky, 174468
Zika Screening Beyond Brazil: Zika Madness and Cost of Reassurance?
ACOG ePoster, Zainab Al-Ibraheemi, 174486
Tobacco Use and High Risk Genital HPV Infection among United States Females
ACOG ePoster, Jasmine Han, 174504
Obstetric outcomes complicated by Chlamydia infection in all U.S. deliveries between 2011-2013
ACOG ePoster, Emily Clennon, 174522
Hepatitis C infection in pregnancy: maternal and neonatal complications
ACOG ePoster, Emily Clennon, 174540
Maternal Human Papillomavirus Infection Increases the Risk of Premature Rupture of Membranes
ACOG ePoster, Amaya Cotton-Caballero, 174558
Confined Placental Trisomy 18 Mosaicism Detected by Maternal Serum and Prenatal cfDNA Screening
ACOG ePoster, Carrie Guy, 174612
Compliance with Guidelines on Group B Streptococcal Sepsis Prophylaxis During Unscheduled Cesareans
ACOG ePoster, Evan Schwenk, 174630
Umbilical Cord Milking in Term Infants: Blood Volume Associated with Cut and Intact Umbilical Cords
ACOG ePoster, Emily Fay, 174648
Correlation of Bmi to Magnesium Levels in Patients with Preeclampsia
ACOG ePoster, Lindsay Dickerhoff, 174666
Impact of Trendelenburg Positioning During Active Labor on Mode of Delivery
ACOG ePoster, Jordan Hylton, 174684
Effect of Federal Regulation on Compounding of 17-hydroxyprogesterone Caproate in North Carolina
ACOG ePoster, Sarah Hoopes, 174702
Breast Feeding Rates in in Centering Pregnancy® versus Traditional Certified Nurse Midwife Prenatal Care
ACOG ePoster, Petra Hahn, 174720
Perimenopausal Symptomatology and Menopause-related Quality of Life
ACOG ePoster, Timothy Dye, 174774
Improving Physician Behavior with an Obstetric Dashboard
ACOG ePoster, Katherine Xiong, 174792
Control of Postpartum Hemorrhage Using Vacuum-induced Uterine Tamponade
ACOG ePoster, Jan Segnitz, 174810
The Efficacy of Antepartum Testing in Pregnancies Complicated by Fetal Gastroschisis
ACOG ePoster, Neha Bhagat, 174828
Contribution of Depression and Anxiety to Prenatal, Intrapartum, and Neonatal Outcomes
ACOG ePoster, James Liu, 174846
Trends in Prenatal Care Among the Ngöbe Population of Panama
ACOG ePoster, Jillian Gottlieb, 174864
Trends in Induction of Labor at Maternity Hospital Kuwait
ACOG ePoster, Michael Diejomaoh, 174882
Is Checking Fasting Plasma Glucose After Delivery a Reasonable Cost Expenditure?
ACOG ePoster, Ericka Domalakes, 174933
Provider Attitudes, Experiences, and Practices on Childbirth Education and Birth Plans
ACOG ePoster, Yalda Afshar, 174944
Sonohysterogram and Uterine Neoplasia: The Significance of the Changes in Endometrial Findings
ACOG ePoster, ohad Rotenberg, 174959
Then and Now: Experts Insights on Understanding the Women’s Health Initiative Hormone Therapy Trials
ACOG ePoster, JoAnn V. Pinkerton, 174978
Replenish Trial: Combination Capsule of Estradiol/progesterone (tx-001hr) for Treating Hot Flushes
ACOG ePoster, Ginger Constantine, 174996
Breastfeeding for Us Women Living with Hiv: A Medical and Ethical Policy Analysis
ACOG ePoster, Marielle Gross, 175031
Providers Perspectives on Tdap Vaccination in Pregnancy Patients
ACOG ePoster, Julie DeCesare, 175050
A Single Institution Review of Appropriateness of Prophylactic Antibiotics in Hysteroscopy
ACOG ePoster, Erika Wallace, 175068
Focal Placenta Accreta: Risk Factors, Adverse Obstetrical Outcomes, and Recurrence in subsequent Pregnancies
ACOG ePoster, Clodagh Mullen, 174394
Outcome Comparison Before & After New Protocol of Dvt Chemoprophylaxis for Cesarean Section Patients
ACOG ePoster, Amanda Paquet, 174413
Parity and Foley Catheter Using Tension or No Tension: a Randomized Controlled Trial
ACOG ePoster, Gary Fruhman, 174431
Early Initiation of 17OHPC Does Not Increase Risk for Gestational Diabetes in Women with Prior Preterm Birth
ACOG ePoster, Anju Suhag, 174449
Do Differences Exist Between Groups with Varying Numbers of Abnormal Values on the Glucose Tolerance Test?
ACOG ePoster, Kathryn Shaia, 174485
MAMA'S Neighborhood - Maternity Assessment Management Access & Service Synergy through the Neighborhood for Health
ACOG ePoster, Erin Saleeby, 174503
Association Between Time of Day of Delivery and Perinatal Outcomes
ACOG ePoster, Lilly Liu, 174521
Differences in Social Support in Perinatal Depression
ACOG ePoster, Patricia Hom, 174557
Iron Deficiency Anaemia in Pregnancy and Treatment Options: A Patient-preference Study
ACOG ePoster, Rohan D'Souza, 174575
Prevention and Management of Severe Obstetric Lacerations: A National Survey of Nurse Midwives
ACOG ePoster, Sindi Diko, 174611
Comparing Induction of Labor with Expectant Management in Pregnancies with Congenital Anomalies
ACOG ePoster, Shruti Patel, 174629
The Association of Labor Induction for Advanced Maternal Age with Cesarean Section
ACOG ePoster, Jessica Spiegelman, 174647
Comparison of Characteristics and Outcomes of Morbidly Adherent Placenta in Twin versus Singleton Pregnancies
ACOG ePoster, Hadi Erfani, 174665
Audit of Management of Gestational Proteinuria
ACOG ePoster, Akanksha Sood, 174683
Association of Nsaids with Postpartum Blood Pressure in Women with Hypertensive Diseases in Pregnancy
ACOG ePoster, Pritha Workman, 174701
The Impact of Labor and Delivery Unit Management on Long Childbirth Length of Stay
ACOG ePoster, Avery Plough, 174719
An Incidence of Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy in Pregnancy
ACOG ePoster, Charisma Manley, 174737
A Standardized Nurse Initiated Protocol to Improve Management of Severe Hypertension in Pregnancy
ACOG ePoster, Michael Miller, 174755
Low Back Pain in Pregnancy - Investigations, Management, and the Role of Neuraxial Analgesia: A Narrative Review
ACOG ePoster, Rohan D'Souza, 174773
Uterine Leiomyoma Do Not Appear to Be a Risk Factor for Shortened Cervical Length
ACOG ePoster, Melissa Chu Lam, 174791
Disparities in Postnatal Treatment of Congenital Renal Anomalies
ACOG ePoster, Dana Block-Abraham, 174809
Maternal and Neonatal Outcomes in Women with Congenital Heart Disease at a Single Academic Center
ACOG ePoster, Jessica Pippen, 174827
Impact of Heart Disease During Pregnancy on Maternal Cardiac and Obstetric Outcomes
ACOG ePoster, Amanda Owens, 174845
Maternal and Neonatal Outcomes of African-American Women in a Suburban Community Setting
ACOG ePoster, Carissa May, 174863
Maternal Depression Scale: Does Access to Prenatal Care Influence Postpartum Depression Score?
ACOG ePoster, Lannah Lua, 174881
Maternal Factors and Neonatal Morbidity Associated with Opioid Use in Pregnancy
ACOG ePoster, MerryJean Losso, 174899
Longitudinal Patterns of Anti-mullerian Hormone Across Normal Gestation
ACOG ePoster, Amrita Roy, 174916
Association Between Pre-eclampsia and Congenital Heart Defects
ACOG ePoster, Breanne Bears, 174932
Association Between Skin Tags and Acanthosis Nigricans with GDM and Hypertensive Disorders of Pregnancy
ACOG ePoster, YeonJung Park, 174943
Management of Severe Range Blood Pressures During Obstetrical Care: A Quality Improvement Project
ACOG ePoster, Adriana Piazza, 174958
The Effect of Hypertensive Disorders in Pregnancy on Preterm Birth Rates Among African-american Women
ACOG ePoster, Ashish Premkumar, 174977
Management of Twin Pregnancies with Short Cervix in a Single System
ACOG ePoster, Christopher Buchanan, 174995
Maternal Outcomes and Management of the Third Stage of Labor Following Midtrimester Delivery
ACOG ePoster, Haylea Sweat, 175013
Genetic Approaches Reveal a Non-hormonal Etiology for Hyperemesis Gravidarum
ACOG ePoster, Marlena Fejzo, 175030
Frequency of Peripartum Gestational Hypertension and Associated Adverse Outcomes
ACOG ePoster, Elisabeth Codsi, 175049
Learning in Pregnancy: Patient Preferences on Education in the Antenatal Period
ACOG ePoster, M. Friedman, 175067
Contraception Use in Reproductive-age Women Taking Warfarin: A Retrospective Chart Review
ACOG ePoster, Carolyn Webster, 175100
Von Willebrand’s Disease and Pregnancy: A Single Center Experience
ACOG ePoster, Stacy Beck, 174393
Evaluation of a Lateral Flow Assay Device for Detection of Urine Congophilia
ACOG ePoster, Kara Rood, 174412
Venous Thromboembolism: Comparing Risk Assessment Tools for Postpartum Prophylaxis in a Teaching Hospital
ACOG ePoster, Brittany Davis, 174430
Vasa Previa: Maternal and Early Neonatal Outcomes in the New Era of Obstetrical Care
ACOG ePoster, Timothy Dunn, 174448
A Different Model of Care: High-risk Obstetrical Services in a Rural Midwestern State
ACOG ePoster, Darren Farley, 174466
Does Obesity Increase the Complication Rate During Trial of Labor After Cesarean?
ACOG ePoster, Jenny Mei, 174484
Variation in Preferences of Pregnant Women for Outcomes Related to the Use of Anticoagulants in Pregnancy
ACOG ePoster, Rohan D'Souza, 174502
Variation in Outcome Reporting in Cardiac Arrhythmias and Aortopathies in Pregnancy
ACOG ePoster, Rohan D'Souza, 174520
Variation in Medicaid Managed Care Coverage Policies for Progesterone to Prevent Preterm Birth
ACOG ePoster, Priya Batra, 174538
Vaginal Progesterone – Cost and Health Care Utilization for Preventing Preterm Births in the United States
ACOG ePoster, Ahizechukwu Eke, 174556
A Homeostatic Model Assessment of Insulin Resistance (HOMA-IR) Relates to Gestational Diabetes, Glycemic Control
ACOG ePoster, Kristi VanWinden, 174574
Expectant Management vs. Induction of Labor in Women with Severe Proteinuria in Preeclampsia
ACOG ePoster, Rosa Speranza, 174592
Exploring Racial Disparities in Preterm Neonatal Outcomes in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)
ACOG ePoster, Courtney Townsel, 174610
A Fertility Sparing Surgical Treatment of Cornual Ectopic Pregnancy
ACOG ePoster, Seifeldin Sadek, 174628
Expression and Regulation of Anti-angiogeneic Genes and Pro-angiogenic Genes in Human Trophoblast
ACOG ePoster, Fernando Aguirre Amezquita, 174646
Does Ivf Treatment (autologous and Donor Oocyte) Improve Pregnancy Outcomes in Women 40 Years and Older?
ACOG ePoster, Amna Zeb, 174664
Does Intramuscular Progesterone Help Women with Prior Preterm Birth Screened for Ultrasound-indicated Cerclage?
ACOG ePoster, S. Lindsay Wood, 174682
Factors Affecting Obstetric Patient Participation in Research
ACOG ePoster, Martha Monson, 174700
Factors Associated with Availability of Nurse-family Partnership Programs in the State of Texas
ACOG ePoster, James Cuvillier, 174718
Does hga1c Correlate with Birth Weight and Other Neonatal Outcomes in Gestational Diabetics?
ACOG ePoster, Cheryl Dinglas, 174736
Obstetric Patient Self-perception of Body Size and Obesity at First Prenatal Visit
ACOG ePoster, Elizabeth Lutz, 174772
Factors Associated with Induction of Labor Among Primiparous Women Delivering at Term in the Ltm Iii Study
ACOG ePoster, Divya Patel, 174790
Factors Associated with Multiple Organ Dysfunction Syndrome in Patients with Obstetric Hemorrhage in Critical Care
ACOG ePoster, Montoya Eliana, 174808
Does Delivery Method Affect Neonatal Outcomes in Diabetic Women?
ACOG ePoster, Megan Varvoutis, 174826
Utilization of Placenta Examination in Extremely Obese Pregnant Women;would It Assist in Improving prenatal Care?
ACOG ePoster, Melody Zoma, 174844
Does Antenatal Surveillance Improve Neonatal Outcomes in Women with Morbid Obesity?
ACOG ePoster, James Bedell, 174862
Does a Strict Requirement of Quintero Stage Greater Than Two Matter When Performing Laser Therapy for Ttts?
ACOG ePoster, Devin Kennedy, 174880
A Comparison of Peripartum Scoring Systems of Anticoagulation for Venous Thromboembolic Prophylaxis
ACOG ePoster, Theofano Orfanelli, 174976
Estimating Risk Factors for Cesarean Delivery in a Teenage Population
ACOG ePoster, Ayamo Oben, 174994
Evaluating Ethnic Differences in the Labor Curve in Arabic Women: A Retrospective Cohort Study
ACOG ePoster, Asmaa Al-Kadhi, 175048
Evaluating Severity of Postpartum Hemorrhage Retrospectively Based on Risk Factors
ACOG ePoster, Stephanie Amaya, 175066

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