Five-Year Efficacy and Safety of the Liletta® Levonorgestrel Intrauterine System
ACOG ePoster, Stephanie Teal, 211421
Contraception Counseling in College Student Health Centers: A Survey of Healthcare Providers
ACOG ePoster, Audrey Carr, 211422
The Impact of Rural or Urban Location on Clinical Availability of the Copper IUD: A Mystery Caller Study
ACOG ePoster, Kristen Lilja, 211423
Postpartum Contraception use in Somali Women: A Population-Based Study
ACOG ePoster, Adela Cope, 211437
Cold Compress for Pain Associated with Intrauterine Device Insertion: A Randomized Controlled Trial
ACOG ePoster, Jordan Hylton, 211438
Impact of Fetal Anomalies in Down Syndrome Terminations
ACOG ePoster, Carolyn Phillips, 211439
Long-Acting Reversible Contraceptive Knowledge and Use in Medical Students
ACOG ePoster, Hannah Fox, 211453
Uncovering Female Reproductive Pathology: Horizontally Integrated Observational Cadaveric Study
ACOG ePoster, Katerina Litvinova, 211454
The Knowledge and Comfort of Urban Obstetricians and Gynecologists In Taking Patient Sexual Histories
ACOG ePoster, Maria Kon, 211455
Automated Residency Scheduling: Impacts on Resident Satisfaction and Wellness
ACOG ePoster, Stefanie Hollenbach, 211469
Attitudes and Perceptions of Healthcare Providers Regarding the Safe Reduction of the Cesarean Section
ACOG ePoster, Ishani Shah, 211470
An Educational Program to Address Maternal Health Disparities and High Infant Mortality in North Carolina
ACOG ePoster, Reena Patel, 211471
Is There a “July Effect” in Oncologic and Benign Gynecologic Surgery?
ACOG ePoster, Spyridon Mastroyannis, 211485
Bremelanotide for Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder: Age and Weight Subgroup Efficacy Analyses
ACOG ePoster, James Simon, 211486
Incidence and Characteristics of Cervical Cancer in Elderly Women
ACOG ePoster, Suzanne Lababidi, 211501
Depth Matters: The Use of Radiofrequency for the Treatment of Gynecologic Conditions
ACOG ePoster, Michael Krychman, 211502
Extent and Role of Pharmacists in Expedited Partner Therapy in the US
ACOG ePoster, Clarissa Diniz, 211517
Individual Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practices Regarding Zika Virus During Pregnancy in Miami
ACOG ePoster, Neeraja Chandrasekaran, 211518
An Analysis of the Nulliparous, Term, Singleton, Vertex Cesarean Rate in a High-Volume Community Teaching Hospital
ACOG ePoster, Tiffany Wang, 211533
Magnesium for Fetal Neuroprotection: Should it be Started When Delivery is Not Imminent in PPROM?
ACOG ePoster, Katherine Hom, 211534
Late Preterm Steroids and Peripartum Maternal Infection at a Single Center
ACOG ePoster, Ellison Chen, 211549
Nomogram Use to Predict Obstetric Anal Sphincter Injuries prior to Term Vaginal Delivery
ACOG ePoster, Youngwu Kim, 211550
Therapeutic Substitution: A Cogent Response to Opioid Induced Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS) Crisis
ACOG ePoster, Akhil Patel, 211565
What are You Missing? Expanded Genetic Carrier Testing Identifies at Risk Couples
ACOG ePoster, Matt Tschirgi, 211566
Placental Histopathologic Findings Associated with Antepartum Eclampsia
ACOG ePoster, Molly DuBois, 211581
Early Versus Late Amniotomy in Nulliparous Women Undergoing Induction of Labor
ACOG ePoster, Georgios Doulaveris, 211582
First Trimester Fasting Plasma Glucose Screen in Advanced Maternal Age to Detect Pre-existing Glucose Intolerance
ACOG ePoster, Bethany Waites, 211597
Preconception Cardiac Risk Factors in African American Women with Low Birth Weight Term Deliveries
ACOG ePoster, Kellyanne Gold, 211598
Repeat Antenatal Corticosteroids Decreased Neonatal Morbidity for Preterm Rupture of Membranes
ACOG ePoster, Cara Buskmiller, 211613
The Decision to Admit for Threatened Preterm Birth
ACOG ePoster, Lytia Fisher, 211614
Puerperal Uterine Necrosis and Pyometrium After Uterine Artery Embolization
ACOG ePoster, Stephanie Chow, 211629
Do Psychiatric Medications Exacerbate Neonatal Withdrawal in Pregnant Women Using Opioid Maintenance Therapy?
ACOG ePoster, Victoria Ly, 211630
Racial Disparities in Maternal and Neonatal Outcomes Among Pregnant Women with Bipolar Disorder
ACOG ePoster, David E. Toffey, 211645
The Association of Latent Labor and Classical Cesarean Delivery
ACOG ePoster, Richard Cockrum, 211646
The Effect of Normotensive Antenatal Blood Pressure of Women with Chronic Hypertension on Neonatal Weight
ACOG ePoster, Sheigh Sander, 211661
Discharge Analgesics after Vaginal or Cesarean Section Delivery
ACOG ePoster, Ricardo Molero Bravo, 211662
Qualitative Analysis of Challenges Managing Staff and Bed Availability on Labor and Delivery Units
ACOG ePoster, Neel Shah, 211677
Should a Private Obstetric Practice Switch Hospitals within a Tiered Hospital Payment System?
ACOG ePoster, Elizabeth Cherot, 211678
What Happens after a Failed External Cephalic Version?
ACOG ePoster, Vivek Katukuri, 211693
What Happens after a Failed External Cephalic Version?
ACOG ePoster, Vivek Katukuri, 211694
Clinical Presentation and Outcome of 10 Cases of Mirror Syndrome
ACOG ePoster, Hussain Mogharbel, 211722
Maternal Cardiac Arrest: Where is Our Data Coming From?
ACOG ePoster, Andrea Shields, 211724
Uncovering State Sharing Practices for Birth Method-of-Delivery Data in the United States
ACOG ePoster, Adam Wolfberg, 211755
Analysis of Joint Outpatient Experience Survey in Obstetric Populations in Military Health Care System
ACOG ePoster, Steven Warner, 211757
Genetic Counseling Services in Oncology: Recognizing the Underutilization of Referrals in At-Risk Cancer Patients
ACOG ePoster, Vijay Palvia, 211774
Upstream Care: Examining Preconception Diabetes Education Among At-Risk Adolescent Women in an Academic Setting
ACOG ePoster, Emily Boevers, 211775
Adverse Perinatal Outcomes in Mexican Women with Mild Gestational Diabetes Diagnosed by The IADSPG Criteria
ACOG ePoster, Carmen Cerecedo-Ponce, 211790
AMH Serum Level as a Predictor of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) Parameters
ACOG ePoster, Amanda Chu, 211791
es an Upward Trend in Fetal Weight Predict Large-for-Gestational Age in Pregnancies Complicated by Diabetes?
ACOG ePoster, Meghan Beddow, 211806
rinatal Outcome of Fetal Umbilical Vein Varix: A Multicenter Cohort Study
ACOG ePoster, Victoria Arruga Novoa y Novoa, 211807
Within-Family Analysis of Interpregnancy Interval and Adverse Birth Outcomes
ACOG ePoster, Quetzal Class, 211826
Uptake of Immediate Postpartum LARC in Women at Risk of Loss to Follow Up
ACOG ePoster, Chelsea Bayer, 211827
Screening and Counseling for Intimate Partner Violence in Pregnancy
ACOG ePoster, Yasaswi Paruchuri, 211842
Resident Advocate Development Program: Feasibility of a Novel Advocacy Curriculum in Obstetrics and Gynecology
ACOG ePoster, Sarp Aksel, 211843
Trends in Psychiatric Education Among Obstetrics and Gynecology Residency Programs: A Program Director Survey
ACOG ePoster, Abigail Garbarino, 211858
Obstetric Residents' and Nurses' Critical Thinking Skills and Their Attitudes towards the Baby Friendly Initiative
ACOG ePoster, Rachel Paul, 211859
Does Cost Influence the Choice of Disposable vs Reusable Instruments? Survey of Obstetrician/Gynecologists
ACOG ePoster, Helen Yang, 211874
Endometrial Evaluation in Elagolix-Treated Women With Uterine Fibroids and Heavy Menstrual Bleeding
ACOG ePoster, Linda Bradley, 211875
Long-term Effect of Elagolix on Bone Mineral Density in Women with Endometriosis-Associated Pain
ACOG ePoster, David F Archer, 211890
Towards Personalized Breast Imaging Pathways: Initial Findings from a Learning Health System
ACOG ePoster, Firas Dabbous, 211891
Need for Increased Cervical Cancer Screening among HIV Positive African American Women
ACOG ePoster, Hildred Rochon, 211906
Concordance Between Maternal Recollection Versus Documented Date of Vaccinations in Pregnancy
ACOG ePoster, Brady Gelvin, 211907
Cervical Length Surveillance and Optimal Timing of Antenatal Corticosteroid Exposure in Twins
ACOG ePoster, Elizabeth Hultgren, 211922
Induction of Labour in Low-Risk Pregnancies before 40 Weeks of Gestation: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
ACOG ePoster, Rohan D'Souza, 211923
Characterization of Fetal Heart Rate Tracings During Eclamptic Seizures
ACOG ePoster, Anne Ambia, 211938
Screening for Appendicitis in Pregnancy: A Cost-Effectiveness A\nalysis
ACOG ePoster, Michelanne Shields, 211939
Adequate Weight Gain during Pregnancy by Pre-Pregnancy Body Mass Index: Who Gets It Right?
ACOG ePoster, Corrine Williams, 211954
Maternal and Neonatal Outcomes of Appendicitis in Pregnancy
ACOG ePoster, Michelanne Shields, 211955
Is Participation in CenteringPregnancy Associated with Decreased Postpartum Depression in Black Women?
ACOG ePoster, Amelia Watson, 211970
Provider Perceived Barriers to 17P Use to Prevent Recurrent Preterm Births
ACOG ePoster, Valery Danilack, 211971
Characterization of Placental Pathology in Treated Chronic Hypertensive Women
ACOG ePoster, Anne Ambia, 211986
Vitamin C Supplementation and Risk for Preterm Premature Rupture of Membranes and Preterm Birth: A Meta-Analysis
ACOG ePoster, Abigail Souryal, 211987
Efforts and Interventions for Reducing Cesarean Delivery in China
ACOG ePoster, Yue Wang, 212003
Adequacy of Prenatal Care in Young Pregnant Adolescents: A Retrospective Cohort Study
ACOG ePoster, Avina De Simone, 212004
Screening Rates, Elevated Risk, and Correlates of Postpartum Depression in an Obstetric Population
ACOG ePoster, Molly Long, 212019
Weight Self-Awareness in Women with Gestational Diabetes Mellitus
ACOG ePoster, Meena Theva, 212020
Outcomes of Pulmonary Hypertension in Pregnancy in an Academic Hospital in Ethiopia
ACOG ePoster, Anna Whelan, 212034
Systematic Improvements Aimed at Improving Exclusive Breastfeeding Rates in Los Angeles County
ACOG ePoster, Ramy Eskander, 212035
Impact of Provider Gender on Patient Engagement with Prenatal Mental Health Care
ACOG ePoster, Jessica Prescott, 212036
Educating Patients on Preeclampsia and the Effect of Different Methods of Education on Patient Anxiety
ACOG ePoster, Sarah Fisher, 212050
Obesity and Cerclage Efficacy
ACOG ePoster, Lisa Gill, 212051
Impact of Prior History of Intrahepatic Cholestasis of Pregnancy on Current Pregnancy
ACOG ePoster, Katherine Kohari, 212052
Perinatal Outcomes in Twin Pregnancies Complicated with Short Cervix Treated with Cervical Cerclage
ACOG ePoster, Jay Idler, 212067
Adderall and Pregnancy: Neonatal Outcomes Following Prenatal Prescription Mixed Amphetamine Exposure
ACOG ePoster, Sherrill Rose, 212068
Cost-effectiveness of Detoxification vs. Methadone in Pregnancy
ACOG ePoster, Alicia Seymour-Willey, 212069
Limiting Leftovers: Analysis of Usage and Storage Patterns of Opiate Medication after Cesarean Delivery
ACOG ePoster, Meghan Grimes, 212083
Maximum Cervical Dilation Achieved Prior to Uterine Rupture
ACOG ePoster, Brad Nitzsche, 212084
Prophylactic Antibiotics at the Time of Bakri Insertion is Associated with a Reduction in Endometritis
ACOG ePoster, Melissa Wong, 212085
Persistent vs Resolved Intrauterine Growth Restriction: A Retrospective, Cohort Study Assessing Neonatal Outcome
ACOG ePoster, Ilinca Lupea, 212099
Removal of Bakri Intrauterine Balloon by Rapid or Stepwise Deflation: Which Technique is Better?
ACOG ePoster, Melissa Wong, 212100
Comparison of Umbilical Artery Flow Velocity Waveforms with Fetal Perfusion Pressures in Exvivo Placenta Cotyledon
ACOG ePoster, Daniela Pino, 212101
Integrating Screening, Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment for Substance Abuse into Prenatal Care
ACOG ePoster, Jean Hostage, 212115
Using Lean Methodologies to Improve Efficiency in an Outpatient OB/GYN Setting
ACOG ePoster, Jaclyn van Nes, 212116
Screening and Treatment Practices of OB/GYN Providers for Postpartum Depression and Anxiety
ACOG ePoster, Emily Hadley, 212117
The Treatment of Hypothyroidism Among Pregnant Women: A Retrospective Analysis
ACOG ePoster, Jamie Vora, 212132
Assessing Screening Process at Wesley Women's Clinic to Improve HPV Vaccination
ACOG ePoster, Claire Markham, 212133
Cervical Cancer Screening in Underserved Populations: Reflex versus Co-Testing for Cervical Cancer
ACOG ePoster, Michaela Heller, 212134
Prep for Residency: Can Students and Interns Benefit from the Same Simulation-based Curriculum in Obstetrics?
ACOG ePoster, Etoi Garrison, 212149
Shoulder Dystocia Simulation Training Improves Attending Physician Communication and Technical Skills
ACOG ePoster, Meleen Chuang, 212150
Therapist Guided Exposure Treatment for Vaginismus: Simulation and Immersive Learning Applications
ACOG ePoster, Michelle Solone, 212151

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