Pulmonary Leiomyomatosis: A Case Report
ACOG ePoster, Aparna Kailasam, 257728
Impact of Type of Opioid Use on Methadone Dose at Delivery in Pregnant Women
ACOG ePoster, Emily Rosenthal, 257788
Impact of Uterine Closure Technique at Time of Cesarean Section on Development of Abnormally-invasive Placentation
ACOG ePoster, Michael Leovic, 257808
Implementation of a Preterm Labor Evaluation Algorithm in a Multi-State Health System
ACOG ePoster, Gerald Girardi, 257828
Implementation of an Electronic Pain Management Order Set and the Effect on Postpartum Pain Control
ACOG ePoster, Camille Clare, 257848
Improved Birth Outcomes through Health Plan and Community Hub Partnerships
ACOG ePoster, Brad Lucas, 257890
Improving Compliance With Preeclampsia Guidelines Through an Electronic Health Record Alert
ACOG ePoster, Martina Gabra, 257910
Implementing Same-day Discharge after Hysterectomy Within a Large, Multi-hospital Healthcare System
ACOG ePoster, Shalkar Adambekov, 257930
Optimal Mode of Delivery Following a Prior Cesarean: a Systematic Review of Decision Analysis Studies
ACOG ePoster, Kyra Bonasia, 257950
Improving Preoperative Administration of Azithromycin in Indicated Cesarean Sections
ACOG ePoster, Katelyn Handley, 257990
Incidence and Predictors of Psychiatric Illness During Pregnancy and After Delivery Among TRICARE Beneficiaries
ACOG ePoster, Anju Ranjit, 258010
Increasing Convalescent Leave Duration Has No Effect on Postpartum Physical Fitness
ACOG ePoster, Collin Sitler, 258030
Indications for Preterm Birth Stratified by Gestational Age
ACOG ePoster, Andrew Haddad, 258050
Induction Compared to Expectant Management for Women With Gestational Diabetes at Term
ACOG ePoster, Christopher Nau, 258070
Influence of Hypertensive Disorders of Pregnancy on Phenotype and Recovery in Peripartum Cardiomyopathy
ACOG ePoster, Pavan Parikh, 258090
Intrapartum Group B Streptococcus Antibiotic Prophylaxis in Penicillin Allergic Pregnant Women
ACOG ePoster, Austin Hopkins, 258130
Inappropriate Use of Antibiotics in Benign Gynecologic Surgery
ACOG ePoster, Mariella Disturco, 258150
Is First Trimester Maternal Serum Alpha Fetoprotein Predictive of Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes?
ACOG ePoster, Cheryl Dinglas, 258170
Knowledge, Attitudes And Practices Of Obstetricians For Postpartum Pain Control In The United States
ACOG ePoster, Muhammad Shoaib Khan, 258227
Labetalol Induced Hepatotoxicity During Pregnancy
ACOG ePoster, Anna Whelan, 258245
Labor Progression Slower than the Zhang Standards is Associated with Worse Maternal and Fetal Outcomes
ACOG ePoster, Anna Zdroik, 258262
Current Practices of Obstetrics & Gynecology Providers Regarding Menstrual Health Management During Clinic Visits
ACOG ePoster, Mariana Espinal, 258280
Counseling for Lubricant Use: The Importance of Sexual Activity and Product Specific Selection
ACOG ePoster, Michael Krychman, 258297
How Well Do Patients Clearly Understand Invasive Prenatal Genetic Diagnostic Testing?
ACOG ePoster, Jay Davis, 258312
Can the New ACGME RRC Hysterectomy Requirements be Fulfilled at Inner City Academic Centers?
ACOG ePoster, Nishanth Sidduri, 258344
Length of Hospital Stay and Costs Associated with Laparoscopic versus Vaginal Hysterectomy: Study of 1,553 Patients
ACOG ePoster, Sumit Mehta, 258378
Management of Pyomyoma after Embolization of Large, Submucosal Fibroid with Emergent Vaginal Myomectomy
ACOG ePoster, Audrey Garneau, 258398
Degree of Trendelenburg Position Required for Robotic Assisted Laparoscopic Gynecologic Surgery
ACOG ePoster, Elena Wagner, 258418
Neutrophil/Lymphocyte ratio: Predictive Biomarker for Outcomes of Early Pregnancy of Unknown Location
ACOG ePoster, Anubha Arora, 258438
Optimizing Clinical Status and Quality of Life with Iron Dextran in Gynecologic Patients with Iron Deficiency Anemia
ACOG ePoster, Ghadear Shukr, 258458
Evaluation of Smartphone Diabetes Tracking Applications for Use in Pregnancy Using the APPLICATIONS Scoring System
ACOG ePoster, Elizabeth Garchar, 257727
Interdisciplinary Coaching for Rapid-response Team Simulations
ACOG ePoster, Maggie Kuhlmann-Capek, 257747
Excision of Incidentally Discovered Bladder Leiomyoma during Repeat Cesarean Section: A Case Report
ACOG ePoster, Patrick Eucalitto, 257767
Expanding the Concept of Failure to Rescue to Address Maternal Mortality: A Public Health Approach
ACOG ePoster, Elizabeth Restrepo, 257787
Does the Use of Antenatal Corticosteroids Decrease Levels of Neonatal Hyperbilirubinemia in Preterm Infants?
ACOG ePoster, Antonio Henriques França Neto, 257827
Factors Affecting Neonatal Birthweight in Women with History of Bariatric Surgery: A Retrospective Study
ACOG ePoster, Carolyn Chatterton, 257847
Factors Associated with Infant Mortality in Two Select At-risk Counties in Texas, 2011-2014
ACOG ePoster, Divya Patel, 257867
Factors Associated With the Publication of Registered Randomized Controlled Trials in Obstetrics
ACOG ePoster, Katherine Powers, 257889
First Trimester Uterine Incarceration Resolved with Conservative Management in a Multifetal Gestation
ACOG ePoster, Alexandra Carney, 257909
Insomniacs in Late Pregnancy are Clinically Depressed: Exploring the Role of Nocturnal Rumination
ACOG ePoster, Andrea Cuamatzi Castelan, 257929
GCT Cut-off in Women with GDM Based on Pre-pregnancy BMI
ACOG ePoster, Kajal Angras, 257949
Glycemic Efficacy with U-500 Insulin in Pregnancy: A Retrospective Cross-Over Study
ACOG ePoster, Bertha Vasquez, 257969
Group Prenatal Care for Pre-gestational Diabetes: A Feasibility Study for a Randomized Control Trial
ACOG ePoster, Kateena Addae-Konadu, 257989
Haemophilus influenzae Causing Lactational Mastitis and Sepsis During the Second Trimester of Pregnancy
ACOG ePoster, Alicia Scribner, 258009
Hemoglobinopathies and Maternal Outcomes: Retrospective Analysis of National Data
ACOG ePoster, Nkechinyere Emezienna, 258029
How Uncertain are Patients in Regards to Invasive Prenatal Genetic Diagnostic Testing?
ACOG ePoster, Gina Milone, 258049
Hydralazine versus Labetalol for Acute Hypertension in the Peripartum Patient
ACOG ePoster, Jessica Scholl, 258069
Hypertensive Disorders of Pregnancy Increase Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Admission in Growth Restricted Fetuses
ACOG ePoster, Chinedu Nwabuobi, 258089
Hyponatremia in Patients with Intrapartum Hospital Transfer after Planning an Out-of-hospital Birth
ACOG ePoster, Alyssa Stephenson-Famy, 258109
Impact of a Standardized Clinical Assessment and Management Plan on Labor Induction Outcomes
ACOG ePoster, Lori Boardman, 258129
Effect of Smoking History on Inpatient Postpartum Opioid Use
ACOG ePoster, Matthew Blitz, 258149
Impact of CALM Initiative and Timing of AROM on NTSV Cesarean Section Rate
ACOG ePoster, Kristen Gallagher, 258169
Joint Impact of Maternal Body Mass Index and Race on Macrosomia
ACOG ePoster, Sifang Kathy Zhao, 258189
Systemic Predictors of Non-Prescription Gender Affirming Hormone Use
ACOG ePoster, Daphna Stroumsa, 258207
The Utility of Annual Pelvic Exams in Asymptomatic Women
ACOG ePoster, Virginia Watkins, 258226
Women's Healthcare Providers' Experiences and Perceptions of Discussing Obesity: A Needs Assessment Survey
ACOG ePoster, Nicholas Schmuhl, 258244
Comparison of Embryo Transfer Techniques in Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) Cycles
ACOG ePoster, Sarah Ligon, 258261
Estradiol-to-Gonadotropin Ratio as Predictor of In Vitro Fertilization Success
ACOG ePoster, Joseph Lee, 258279
Incidence of Monozygotic Multiple Pregnancies After Single Embryo Transfer (SET):Review of SART Reported Outcomes
ACOG ePoster, Alexandra Peyser, 258296
Perinatal Characteristics of Women with Uncontrolled Pregestational Diabetes
ACOG ePoster, Sydney Thayer, 258311
A Mature Cystic Teratoma on the Ovary Does Not Alter in Vitro Fertilization Success Rate
ACOG ePoster, Carlos Hernandez-Nieto, 258325
A Retrospective Look at Fetal Growth Restriction at St. Damien Hospital in Haiti: Neonatal Outcomes
ACOG ePoster, Gina Milone, 258343
Pregnancy Rates in In-vitro Fertilization are Superior When Trophectoderm Biopsy is Done Only on Hatching Embryos
ACOG ePoster, Sonali Singh, 258359
Effects of Methadone and Buprenorphine Use During Pregnancy on Neonatal and Maternal Outcomes
ACOG ePoster, Ahmed Moustafa, 258377
Enhanced Recovery After Surgery Pathway for Cesarean Delivery: Effect on Opioid Use and Pain Scores
ACOG ePoster, Emily Fay, 258397
Establishing A Lower Cutoff Value for Early Gestational Diabetes Screening
ACOG ePoster, Frederick Loehr, 258417
May-Thurner Syndrome in Pregnancy
ACOG ePoster, Saifuddin Mama, 258437
Evaluating Practice Patterns of Late Preterm Antenatal Steroid Administration and Adherence to Recommendations
ACOG ePoster, Vaibhavi Umesh, 258457
Evaluation of Antepartum and Postpartum Remote Blood Pressure Monitoring in Low-risk Pregnancy
ACOG ePoster, Nathaniel DeNicola, 258477
Efficacy of LF111, an Investigational, Drosperinone-based Progestogen Oral Contraceptive
ACOG ePoster, Thomas Kimble, 257726
Elagolix versus Laparoscopic Surgery for Treatment of Pain Due to Endometriosis: A Cost-Effectiveness Analysis
ACOG ePoster, Peter Movilla, 257766
Impact of Elagolix on Quality of Life among Endometriosis Patients: A Pooled Analysis of 2 Phase III Clinical Trials
ACOG ePoster, Hugh Taylor, 257786
Intrauterine Device Perforation and Adhesion Formation
ACOG ePoster, Ashley Christensen, 257806
Letrozole for the Treatment of Thoracic Endometriosis: A Case Report
ACOG ePoster, Tara Chadwick, 257826
Novel use of Viable Cryopreserved Umbilical Tissue in Posterior Colporrhaphy in High Risk Patients
ACOG ePoster, Magdalene Karon, 257846
Predictors of Chronic Opioid Use Among Women with Endometriosis
ACOG ePoster, Stephanie Chiuve, 257888
Effects of TX-001HR in Women with < 50 Moderate to Severe Hot Flushes per Week
ACOG ePoster, Risa Kagan, 257908
Patient Preferences Post IUD Insertion
ACOG ePoster, Lauren Abern, 257925
Safety of AG200-15, an Investigational Transdermal Patch, in Three Phase 3 Studies
ACOG ePoster, Anita Nelson, 257928
Sustained Improvements in Anemia and Fatigue of AUB after a Single Course of Ferumoxytol: 6-month Follow-up
ACOG ePoster, Naomi Dahl, 257948
The Effect of Linzagolix on Bone Mineral Density (BMD): Safety Results From a Dose-Ranging Trial
ACOG ePoster, Elke Bestel, 257968
Transcervical Radiofrequency Ablation of Uterine Fibroids: US Experience from the SONATA Pivotal IDE Trial
ACOG ePoster, Joseph Hudgens, 257988
5% Monolaurin Vaginal Gel for the Treatment of Bacterial Vaginosis: A Randomized, Placebo-Controlled Trial
ACOG ePoster, Abigail Mancuso, 258008
A Phase 2b, Dose-Finding Study Evaluating Oral Ibrexafungerp vs Fluconazole in Vulvovaginal Candidiasis (DOVE)
ACOG ePoster, David Angulo, 258028
Ibrexafungerp, a Novel Oral Antifungal, Demonstrates No Reproductive or Developmental Harm in Preclinical Models
ACOG ePoster, Christina Carruthers, 258048
Potential HPV Vaccine Coverage According to Type Specific Papillomavirus Present in Open Population in Mexico
ACOG ePoster, Jose Tiran-Saucedo, 258068
Results of Comprehensive Sexually Transmitted Disease Testing Utilizing an At-Home Kit Over One Year
ACOG ePoster, Marra Francis, 258088
Safety and Efficacy of Sofosbuvir/Velpatasvir for the Treatment of Hepatitis C in Reproductive Aged Women
ACOG ePoster, Rhoda Sperling, 258108
Are OB/GYN Residents Receiving Adequate Training for Shoulder Dystocia?
ACOG ePoster, Jennifer Choi, 258128
A Novel Skin Closure Device for Minimally Invasive Surgery: Patient and Provider Assessments
ACOG ePoster, Linda Mihalov, 258148
Brexanolone Injection Administration to Lactating Women: Breast Milk Allopregnanolone Levels
ACOG ePoster, Danielle Dray, 258168
Characterization of Mobile Applications for Patient Participation in Prenatal Care
ACOG ePoster, Elizabeth Garchar, 258225
Clinical Experience for Noninvasive Prenatal Screen in Assisted Reproductive Technology Pregnancies
ACOG ePoster, Susan Hancock, 258243
Clinical Utility of Expanded Carrier Screening: Actionability and Outcomes
ACOG ePoster, Katie Johansen Taber, 258260
Current Practices in Hepatitis C Screening in Pregnant Women in a Regional Health System
ACOG ePoster, Ariunzaya Amgalan, 258278
Age-based Interpretation of Anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH) Levels in Non-Infertile Women
ACOG ePoster, Bat-Sheva Maslow, 258295
Can Non-Absorbable Sutures Prevent Vaginal Cuff Dehiscence?
ACOG ePoster, Louise van der Does, 258342
Changes in Narcotic Use after Initiation of an Advanced Surgical Recovery Program
ACOG ePoster, John Geisler, 258376
Does Amitriptyline Work as Preemptive Analgesia in Abdominal Hysterectomies?
ACOG ePoster, Antonio Henriques França Neto, 258416
Early Postpartum Perineal Repair or C-Section Suture Removal Reduces Pain Without Wound Complications.
ACOG ePoster, Anthony Chan, 258436

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