IUDs after the Election: Politics Influencing the Bedroom
ACOG ePoster. Abern L. Apr 27, 2018; 211834; 4G
Lauren Abern
Lauren Abern
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Introduction: Reproductive health care remains highly politicized in the United States with the 2016 Presidential Election highlighting the debate over access to family planning. Our objective is to determine reasons for intrauterine device (IUD) choice, if the recent presidential election had any impact on contraceptive decision-making, and alternative methods if IUDs were not accessible.

Methods: Women 18 and older that presented for IUD insertion at an urban clinic were surveyed. They were asked about demographics,
reasons for choosing an IUD, and what influenced this decision.

Results: 100 surveys were completed. The mean age was 27.5 (SD 6.7, range 18-48). The majority (67%) described themselves as Caucasian, and had post-college education (50%). The most common reasons for choosing the IUD were because it was long-acting and effective (88%). 87% opted for a levonorgestrel and 13% a copper IUD. 55% of respondents said the recent presidential election did play a role in their decision. If IUD insurance coverage or cost was a factor, only 23% would pay out of pocket, and 44% would opt for oral contraceptive pills or ring. A significant number of women (23%) would choose much less effective methods including no contraception, condoms, and the rhythm method.

Conclusion/Implications: Over half of women surveyed stated that the 2016 Presidential Election contributed to their decision to select an IUD. If an IUD was not an option due to cost, women would choose less effective methods, which could result in unintended pregnancy. This emphasizes the influence of politics in women's health decision-making.

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