Analysis of Personal Preferences Influencing Contraceptive Decision Making using a Digital Women's Health Advisor
ACOG ePoster. Sridhar A. Apr 27, 2018; 211446; 8F
Aparna Sridhar
Aparna Sridhar
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Introduction: Tia is a mobile application that helps women make informed reproductive health decisions. A core feature of the app is a birth control recommendation algorithm that provides women personalized birth control recommendations. Users are able to select two preferences, indicating which is the most important preference. These include maximum effectiveness, non-daily method, acne reduction, amenorrhea, non-hormonal methods, avoiding a procedure, hidden method and having regular monthly cycles.

Methods: We analyzed anonymous data from 3,184 users who used Tia for contraception decision-making. The preferences were analyzed by age to identify the most and the least preferred personal preferences.

Results: The most common first preference was birth control effectiveness (33%) followed by non-daily method (13%) and acne reduction (12%). When segmented by age, the number one concern for users ages 14-25 remained birth control effectiveness (35%), however, for women over 25 the top preference shifted to a non-daily method. For young users the gap between the most common and the second most common top priority was 20 percentage points, for older women this variation was minimal. Hidden method (4% chose as their first preference, 6% as their second preference) was the least commonly desired benefit across all methods.

Conclusion/Implications: Women hold differentiated preferences through their birth control choices. Women still view birth control effectiveness as a top priority, before being an option to help with secondary benefits. While younger women are less likely to have same preferences, older women have a wider array of preferences when choosing their contraceptive method.
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